How to prepare your cure?

The season of cures starts on March 25th 2024 in Brides-les-Bains.

If this is your first cure, you may not know where to start. Don’t panic, we will help you!

1st step: The prescription

Only your doctor can advise you to have a spa treatment according to your pathology. Your doctor will prescribe a 21-day spa treatment, i.e. 18 days of treatment, which will be reimbursed by the social security. He will give you a list of establishments specialising in this pathology.

Brides-les-Bains specialises in “Digestive and metabolic diseases” and rheumatology cures. The site also offers Post-Covid cures (find out more here:

2nd step: Coverage

Send the prescription to the affiliation fund. They will send you back a document for the administrative management of your spa treatment and invoicing which will exempt you from advancing the medical costs.

3rd step: Booking

It is up to you to contact the chosen spa establishment and to fix your dates of stay. You will receive a confirmation of reservation for the spa treatment. You will be asked for this confirmation on arrival at the establishment.

The spa will give you the numbers of the spa doctors to meet before the start of your cure in order to establish the treatment programme.

4th step : Accommodation

Choose your accommodation. Our accommodation is specially designed to welcome you during your cure period. They are designed and decorated to make you feel at home during your 21 days with us. Our apartments are located 500m from the thermal establishment. You can get there in 5 minutes on foot by crossing the park.

Your cure is fully prepared. Don’t forget to bring all your documents for your doctor and you can enjoy your 3 weeks in the mountains!